Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farmer's Markets

This is gonna be a quick and picture-less update, as I am wiped out! At the N. Market, I ended up getting some zucchini for griling tomorrow, red potatoes, green beans, scallions, some peaches for a small crisp, some of the Blue Jacket Grillin' Cheese (my first one!), cucumbers, and a dozen ears of corn for $4.50 from Wishwell farms, I believe. Still a little pricey, but the cheapest I saw. If corn stays this expensive, I doubt I will be buying much of it this year.

Then I headed to Worthington, a little later than usual, and got there around 915ish. It was so packed, I literally drove for 10 minutes without finding a parking spot. I ended up just leaving. I was meeting a friend down at the Grove City market, and needed to be there by 10.

At this market, I got 10 banana peppers for $1 (gotta find a use for those! Any suggestions?), some tarragon infused white wine vinegar for my french potato salad, a few jalepenos for my chicken tortilla soup im making tonight, some shallots, and 2 jars of my favorite strawberry jam. I was planning on keeping it light today, but you can see I didn't really do that...I think I ended up spending about $40.

I am planning a feast tomorrow with a lot of the stuff I bought today, so I will try to remember to take some pictures and post.


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