Monday, September 15, 2008

Okay, I know, I haven't updated in a loooooooong time. I have been cooking, I promise! And, attending the farmer's markets every weekend, of course. The past month has been so amazing at the markets! Anything I could want, for the most part, I can find. I didn't attend the winter market in Worthington last year, but I know I will be there all winter this year. From anyone who has attended, what should I expect?

Today I am home, as a result of the insane wind storms yesterday. We were pretty lucky, our power was out from about 4PM to 830PM. It came back on just as it was getting really dark. We have plenty of limbs and branches in our yard, including a big tree from our neighbors yard that has a huge limb hanging on some wires and into part of our yard. Our neighbor to the side had a gorgeous Cherry tree that would hang over into our yard (free cherries!) that completely snapped and will have to be totally removed. I'll take some pictures later and upload. My camera battery is currently charging.

Other than the tree debris, we have no other damage. All of my veggies are fine, and no shingles or siding came off the house. I hope everyone else is doing okay!


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