Monday, December 01, 2008

Okay, so I didn't post on my cooking day. But, I was running around crazy all day and didn't even start cooking until about 430. The turkey breast I made was absolutely delish. I left out the lemon because I'm not wild about that flavor w/a Thanksgiving meal. I highly recommend this recipe.

But, dear readers. Guess what I'm doing right now? I am sitting here smelling my turkey stock bubbling away on the stove. It should be done in about a half hour, then I can sleep. This is my first stock! I'm very excited to finally use the big stock pot I got as a gift. I hope to come home to meat jello in the fridge tomorrow. I will post pics if all goes well, or if it doesn't...


Anonymous Foodista said...

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January 03, 2009 6:09 AM  

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