Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Superbowl for cooks

Really, is there any more exciting time for a cook than a few days before Thanksgiving? The menu is planned, you have all your ingredients, and now all you have to do is dream about the happiness you will feel as you sit down to eat your feast. Okay, maybe the happiest time for me is actually during the cooking of the meal. I love just being lost in the whole process, spending the whole day in the kitchen. I mean, a whole day that is pretty much completely about food. It doesn't get better than that.

I am making the traditional recipes this year, as usual. I actually only make a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey, because we don't eat the dark meat, so I don't want to put it to waste. Of course, a huge bowl of mashed potatoes, stuffing, the Sweet Potato Casserole recipe I got from the Restaurant Widow last year (AMAZING), Green Bean Casserole (can't help it, we love it), gravy (its practically a side dish), and cranberry sauce (this year I bought a cranberry relish by Yoder's). For dessert, a friend of mine is bringing pumpkin pie, and I'm also making Apple Crisp.

I might do a midday update on Friday (since that is the day I'm actually cooking, Thursday I go to my parents, where everyone else cooks). I'm making Mac 'n Cheese for that day.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For all you cooks out there, I hope the food turns out delicious, and nothing burns!