Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh, and by the way, we finally heard yesterday that the seller's bank approved our contract, and we are closing on the house either next week or the week after. YAY!!
My Fridge

Everyone is posing pictures of the inside of their fridge since Sam at Becks & Posh started it, and since I did find it so interesting, I decided to post a picture of my slightly empty looking fridge:

Let's see. On the top shelf I have Trader Joe's organic ketchup, Hellman's mayo behind that, some non-maple low fat syrup that is definitely too old to consume. There is also some chicken stock, some outdated buttermilk from Giant Eagle, andt he clear container has homemade French Herb Potato Salad (DELISH). In the large ziplock bag is some chicken marinating in a lemon-dijon mustard marinade. There is also, obviously, the Brita, and some cat food.

On the second shelf, there are eggs, pudding, my sandwhich for my lunch tomorrow, some leftover pork chops in the large container, some sour cream, two kinds of salsa, one Wild Oats one with black beans and corn, and the other is Ortega. In the back is Geoff's yogurt and his Diet Dr. Pepper. (which I do have from time to time...) In the large ziplock bag are two defrosting pork chops.

Okay, bottom shelf on the left is our bin for cheese, and we have some really yummy Black Diamond extra sharp cheddar cheese slices, and some shreded cheddar. The baggie in the middle has a leftover turkey brat. The bin on the right holds our lunchmeat, salami and ham from Giant Eagle.

In the produce drawer we have a bagged salad, some fresh basil, some flat leaf parsley, some and some terragon. See why I need to hit the farmer's market?!

In the door, top shelf has some homemade pizza sauce, a tube of tomato paste, and a chunk of parmasean. The first shelf has some real maple syrup, some horseradish, spicy hot mustard, whole grain mustard, country dijon mustard, dijon mustard, and yellow mustard. The bottom shelf has soy sauce, hoisin sauce, another hoisin sauce, low fat ranch dressing from Trader Joe's, low fat Miracle Whip, another soy sauce, and some seriously old steak sauce.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The longest weekend ever

Okay, so I didn't get to the farmer's market this weekend. Here is why:

I left work at 4:10 on Friday. I stopped at the ATM in my building to get cash for the farmer's market, and then happily walked to my parking garage to drive home. Upon exiting the parking garage, was involved in a car accident, which led to a hospital trip, which let me know I had a concussion. My car is not driveable, and is most likely totaled. I felt too crappy the next morning to try to talk Geoff into letting me borrow his car on my meds and drive to the farmer's market. I did, however, have my sister pick me up that afternoon and go with her to buy decorations for her bridal shower next week. After that was done, I decided to go to a car dealership and possibly buy a new car. I knew what kind of car I wanted, and they had the exact one I desired, for even less than I planned on spending. So, I bought it. It is a 2005 Hyundai Elantra hatchback. The reason I lusted after this car is because my true love is a Saab, but I cannot afford it. However, this Hyundai look very much like a Saab, for a lot less money. Here is a pic of me with the car:

Yay! So, even though I didn't get to go to the Farmer's Market, my old car is dead, and I had a concussion, at least I have a new car to show for it. But, I am going to the farmer's markets this weekend no matter what. If you see me there looking lost and confused, feel free to say hi and give me some advice, hehehe.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Month Without a Post..

Have I been busy? Not really. Just lazy. I have been cooking as much as ever, but nothing worth writing and photographing. We have been packing a lot, and have at least 70% of it done. Now, if we only knew when we were moving...

Yes, that is right. We STILL haven't closed on the house. And more than that, we still haven't gotten the contract approved by the seller's bank. Since it is a Bank Short Sale, we have to wait for them to approve the contract before we can even have an inspection. Sigh. But, I do think it should happen within the next week or so. The bank had the property appraised last week, which is a good sign. So, perhaps our original closing date of May 18th will not happen, but we might be able to close on the 25th.

I will finally brave the farmers market this weekend. My first time! I think I will go to the North Market, since it is so close to me. I can't wait to get some asparagus. I have been craving it, and wanting to slap it on the grill. I don't know what else will be there, but I am sure I will find stuff I didn't know existed. I am so excited. I actually printed out the Farmer's Market info that Lisa over at the Restaurant Widow shared with us, so I can have a little guide. Thanks, Lisa! =)

I got a belated birthday present from my friend Charla in the mail last week, and I just had to share it with you. It is this fabulous peppermill from Peppermate. I saw it on the Barefoot Contessa, and loved the clear plastic container that attaches at the bottom, so you can scoop out pepper to measure it. Sometimes it is nice to be able to measure easily. Plus, it grinds in either coarse or fine. I loooooove it. By the way, I don't know why the peppermill has a brown tint to it in the picture, but it is perfectly white.

Okay, now back to work!