Friday, June 01, 2007


We closed on the house Wednesday this week. The inspection went horrible, and we were shocked at how much needs to be done to this house, but we are still ready and willing. Last night we finally got to do a little cleaning, as the previous owner was still moving some of his things out on Wednesday night. It was totally annoying to still have to clean up some of his stuff, but at least he is out. Well, except for the huge "Street Boss" that is still parked in our driveway. It is some enormous SUV thing on steroids that is all rusty and gross. His friend is supposed to be coming to pick it up by tomorrow. Yeah, we will see if that happens.

Okay, so back to food. I finally got to hit the farmer's markets last Saturday!! I Went to the North Market first, and got there at about 9. I scored some yummy asparagus, strawberries, and some aged gouda. I then drove over to the Worthington Market, but as I was walking around, I realized I forgot my wallet in the car, and since I knew I didn't really need anything else, I just wandered around and took everything in. I am so glad I finally got to go! Unfortunately, I know I will not be doing much, if any cooking for the next few weeks, so I don't know when I will be going back. Well, that is not true, I know I will be doing some cooking, but I don't want to buy some gorgeous produce and let it rot since we are going to be so busy getting the house ready for us to move in. So, I will definitely work it into my normal shopping schedule, once we are back on a somewhat normal daily life again.

Okay, back to work!


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