Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well, I don't have much to say except I have finally been able to cook again, and I am so happy about it. I am still trying to organize my new kitchen, but it is coming along pretty well. Here are some pictures of the food I have made so far:

This is the first dinner I made at the house. I made a New York Strip steak for him, and a Ribeye for me, purchased at Trader Joe's.

along with Potato Fennel Gratin (my favorite)

I also made some pork chops with my homemade barbecue sauce, and tried out the Hobo Potatoes that I read about on Rosie's site. I addeed a little sliced fennel to mine, along with the onions and potatoes, and they were really good. Here is a picture of them cooking away on the grill:

Oh, and one last thing. I have discovered the best, and cleanest, way to cut corn off the cob. I read about it in Cook's Illustrated Magazine, and decided to try it when I needed to cut corn off of 12 ears on Sunday for a monster batch of corn chowder.

All you need to do is put a small bowl upside down inside a larger bowl, cut the bottom of the ear of corn off so it is level, stand it up on the bottom of the small bowl, and cut the kernels off as usual. The kernels (at least 95% of them) will fall into the larger bowl. I am telling you, it was awesome. We all know the annoyance of having corn fly all over the kitchen, and then randomly finding little kernels for months afterwards. Give it a try!


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