Thursday, November 30, 2006

Too Lazy

I am ashamed. I have not cooked all week. It has been take out! Between all the cooking last weekend and starting my new job this week, I am not in the mood for making dinner. The closest I have come to cooking was tonight. I reheated the pasta sauce that Geoff's stepdad made and froze for us when he visited in September, cooked some whole wheat penne, and made some garlic herb butter for some rolls. It was so exciting to have real food again. Compared to the boneless barbequed wings I ordered last night from Pizza Hut, reheated pasta sauce was like a gourmet meal. I can't believe I ordered Pizza Hut. Vomit.

We are seriously short on cash right now. I found out on my last day at my old job that they weren't paying me for Thanksgiving or the day after. So, that was a huge chunk of money. And now, I am not getting paid until the 22nd from my new job. I get teeny final check tomorrow from my last job, and then don't get paid again for 3 weeks. I need to do some budget cooking. I think I will try to buy whatever meat is on sale, and buy some stuff for pasta.

BTW, my new job is in the William Green Building downtown, which is connected to the Nationwide building. Pretty much amazing. They are connected by a huge atrium, and there are serveral cafeterias and places to eat. There is a McDonald's (EVIL), a homemade cookie and muffin shop (DELISH), and coffee shop, and two big cafeterias with awesome food. Of course, I have only really eaten out there once. I don't have my actual badge yet, which allows me to travel by myself easily. So, it is kind of a pain to have to knock on the door of my office every time I come back to my floor. I will wait for the badge, then sneak out and buy some cookies every now and then...

I need to go back to Wasserstrom. I want to get a quarter sheet pan. I don't know why, but I feel like it might be useful. Plus, I want to get lost in the clearance in the back of the store. I am happy jus thinking about it.

Okay, time to go upstairs and continue to catch up on Heroes. It is a suprisingly good show!


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